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We are proud to have our brand aligned with the TECHSPO Team. We sponsor over half a dozen similar events and we are thrilled to say that this event was by far our best activation to date. The event was professionally organized and well managed for both days. We had our highest sign up count in the year so far and that’s a big plus for us. We will definitely be adding a new sponsorship package at next year’s edition of the conference.

Howard Francis

We sponsored the cocktail reception at the conference and we were thrilled by the number of people who came to engage with us simply on the basis of our brand that they had seen even though we were just a freshly minted company at the time. For us, the returns on our initial investment has simply been worth it. We are certain to do something bigger at the next edition.

Jin Gray

Our thought leadership seminar was a success and we can only thank the TECHSPO team for the hard work and organization that went into putting the entire event together. We enjoyed ourselves and we are looking forward to being a part of subsequent editions of the conference that are coming up.

Jack Ross

I want to offer my thanks on behalf of my team and I for everything you provided. We appreciate the level of exposure you gave to us including the stage presence, onsite materials and collateral gifts, and the website and mobile app exposure. The staff were very kind and considerate and we are grateful for your help in putting our brand out again. We hope to do better things together next year.

Jose Herrera

It was a really amazing event for us. We really had a great time on both days of the conference and in all the sessions we were part of sponsoring. We took in over 200 leads from the event so it was a great way to end the year for us.

Dave Hart

We were looking for an avenue to increase awareness of our business by reaching out to a thoroughly diverse audience and we were able to achieve that by being one of the sponsors of the TECHSPO Digital Marketing, Media and Advertising Conference in New York. The crowd was a varying mix of who’s who in the digital marketing and tech fields and our expectations were met over and beyond. Great work by the organizers.

Kurt Vane

We were so pleased with the awareness and recognition we got by being a sponsor at the last TECHSPO Digital Marketing, Media and Advertising Conference in San Francisco last year that we decided to sign up for a second year. No other event has been able to match up with that experience for us.

Clara Ibza

Sponsoring the networking sessions at the TECHSPO Digital Marketing, Media and Advertising Conference put our brand in front of over a thousand industry professionals at an extraordinary event dedicated to showcasing all that is innovative about the digital marketing world. The results we have seen so far have only demented our decision to be a part of the next edition of the event.

Ray Ness

We have been platinum sponsors at several TECHSPO events over the last few years and we are pleased to be able to do it again this year. The opportunities that come to us from attendees who engaged with us at our thought leadership seminar have proven to be significantly a great source of our sales and promotional conversions. The experience we encounter every event, makes our sponsorship of the event worth our while.

Frank William

This was a very good event, lots of interaction with leaders across different companies in our field. It was really impactful to be able to speak and learn the key issues and challenges that other organizations are having. I really enjoyed the fact that we were able to get through to our audience at the different programs. Kudos to the organizers for such a great job at the conference.

Jamie Evans

Our team had great things to say about how well the two-day conference went. At the last count, we had converted over 56% of our leads into sales and that’s by far the highest return we have gotten on any of our sponsorship promotions in the past. Great work by the organizers of the TECHSPO Digital Marketing, Media and Advertising Conference, we definitely will be a part of it next year.

Joy Beth Sanders

We strongly believe that this event is a unique opportunity to expand our coverage in the New York area and develop our business in this market. That is why we are continuing to sponsor the networking and cocktail sessions at the TECHSPO Digital Marketing, Media and Advertising Conference in New York. The results we have generated over the last 2 years as sponsors have proven to us that we are right where we need to be in terms of sponsorship.

Mark Hill

This was a great opportunity to meet with the right high level folks. The networking opportunities were small and intimate and we were able to really have meaningful conversations with high level executives. The organization was also seamless and hitch free and we are proud to connect with the brand.

Karl Lenny

The TECHSPO Digital Marketing, Media and Advertising Conference that just ended was a target rich environment, if I could say so. Getting ourselves in front of such high ranking executives was worth every nickel we paid for it.

Bob King

We are delighted to be continuing our support as a sponsor for the TECHSPO Digital Marketing, Media and Advertising Conference events. We very much value our involvement at the conferences; the brand coverage and exposure we receive during the events are really beneficial to us as an organization. We look forward to more progressive relationships being formed in the future.

Peter Josef

We have found that sponsoring any of the TECHSPO Digital Marketing, Media and Advertising Conference events is an excellent way to engage one on one with executive level contacts within our strategic accounts as it is the foundation of great relationships. That’s a very great return on our investment.

John G. Lark

Audience engagement during our speaker session was really interesting and of good quality. We had a lot of positive feedback on social media from attendees who had received our collateral benefits and promotional items.

Jeffery Black

The TECHSPO Digital Marketing, Media and Advertising Conference was a really good mix of thought leadership as well as one on one interactions with the delegates. The individual engagements at the networking sessions were the highlight of the event for us as it gave us a chance to be able to sit down with new customers and talk about the potentials in working together, but that could never have happened without the awareness and exposure our sponsorship gave us.

Tim Joseph

The TECHSPO Digital Marketing, Media and Advertising Conference has been an excellent event. We were able to make contacts that we would not normally make and reached out to some powerful companies. Everything has been really relevant in positioning us for greater things as we move on. The opportunities we have received here too have been nothing short of amazing for us.

Jennifer Gary-Hill

The benefits for us were two-fold. First our sponsorship was able to get us one on one meeting with people and that was really invaluable as a doorway into their organizations. Secondly our promotional items made us able to engage differently with the audience thus year and it was nothing short of fantastic. We look forward to renewing our sponsorship at the next edition of the conference.

Brad Howard